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There are 277 days left in the year. My offbeat and undiscovered Punjab journey to Amritsar, Hola Mohalla, and the famous mustard fields. IT WAS MY FIRST TIME in the state of Punjab, and I was looking forward to experiencing offbeat and undiscovered Punjab — from the sublime beauty of the Golden Temple to idyllic, rural homestays, the famous Hola Mohalla festival, and Punjabi food, the richest in India. Hola Mohalla. A Sikh celebration of ‘valour and defence preparedness’ (17 March 2014) by Helen Redfern. Suitable for Whole School (Pri) Aims. To explore Hola Mohalla, a Sikh celebration of ‘valour and defence preparedness’.

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You may also like: Hola Wallpaper. →. Hola Mohalla, Anand Sahib is a grand fiesta of the Sikhs in which martial art is displayed in the fields and this is following the commandments of the 10th Guru of the Sikhs also Hola Mahalla (also Hola Mohalla or simply Hola) is a Sikh festival which begins on the first day of the lunar month of  BBC Religion & Ethics. British Broadcasting Corporation. Hola Mohalla Started by Guru Gobind Singh.

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Select from premium Hola Mohalla of the highest quality. In 2009, Hola Mahalla falls on 11 Mar; in 2010 on 1 Mar in 2011 on 20 Mar Hola Mohalla or Hola Mahalla or simply Hola is a Sikh festival that takes place on the first of the lunar month of Chet which usually falls in March. This, by a tradition established by Guru Gobind Singh, follows the Hindu festival of Holi by one day; Hola is the masculine form of the feminine sounding Holi. The word Dharmender Singh, who purchased a set of calendars from one of the shops at the Hola Mohalla fair said he intended to display these in his village home. He said these carried memories of great Sikh warriors. State officials at Anandpur told the BBC the official ban was still in place and that the calendars and posters were being sold despite this. Hola Mohalla (ਹੋਲਾ ਮਹੱਲਾ, होला मोहल्ला), also called Hola, is a one-day Sikh festival which most often falls in March and takes place on the second day of the lunar month of Chett, a day after the Hindu spring festival Holi but sometimes coincides with Holi.

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